Dear Environment and Sustainability Committee,


I support the campaign for a strong Well-being of Future Generations Bill. I would like to see the Bill strengthened by:


• Adding in targets to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases • Including a strong duty on public bodies to aim to achieve sustainable development in everything they do • Adding a clear definition of sustainable development • Properly considering the impact Wales has on people and the environment overseas • Boosting the powers of the Commissioner and making the role accountable to Assembly Members rather than Welsh Ministers


I am proud to be Cymraeg, proud to speak Cymraeg, and proud of the values that we hold dear of social justice, equality and international concern.


It is now your role as our leaders to implement the values of our nation, to protect our heritage and language and this is a golden opportunity that must be taken with all our will, energy and determination to allow us to flourish into a  prosperous, equal and truly democratic country . 


We can be a leading light and example to the world of a truly progressive and prosperous nation that holds central to it the well being of its citizens and respect for ecosystems both at home an abroad.


We must have targets to reduce or greenhouse gas emissions, as climate change is the biggest issue and threat of our time and for generations to come!


Further, we live not in isolation, but in a World where everyone should be regarded as equal, is valued and cared for, therefore it is imperative that we set out to do no harm to others and the world's environment regardless of where it is situated on this globe.


 Please, for the sake of our children and their's after, pass a strong  bill - we must play our part and we must act NOW!


Please consider my views as you scrutinise the legislation over the coming weeks.


Yours sincerely


Gareth Sims