Dear Environment and Sustainability Committee,


I support the campaign for a strong Well-being of Future Generations Bill. I would like to see the Bill strengthened by:


• Adding in targets to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases • Including a strong duty on public bodies to aim to achieve sustainable development in everything they do • Adding a clear definition of sustainable development • Properly considering the impact Wales has on people and the environment overseas • Boosting the powers of the Commissioner and making the role accountable to Assembly Members rather than Welsh Ministers


Having read your recent report on the proposed m4 relief road I am appalled that Edwina Hart was still able to announce her intentions for the road to go ahead despite the environmental assessment, traffic projections, consideration of alternative routes rather than 3 'options' which amount to the same thing, other alternatives and traffic projections being wholly inaccurate or incomplete. Edwina as things stand had rode roughshod over the assembly shame on you. This is not democracy at its best.


Please consider my views as you scrutinise the legislation over the coming weeks.


Yours sincerely