P-04-580  Restrictions on Donating Blood 

Petition Wording:

Giving blood is a very honourable and helpful thing for someone to do in this country to help out people in desperate need of it. However, not everyone is eligible to donate blood, some for reasons that are very understandable, but there is one reason that it not understandable at all. Homosexual men are not allowed to give blood if they have engaged in sexual intercourse with someone within the last year, it is wrong and unfair. The NHS is worried about getting blood infected with HIV/AIDS, however, anyone can contract AIDS, not only homosexuals, all the blood is processed and tested before offering it anyway, so there is no reason why a homosexual man should have to remain abstinent for a year in order to do a noble act. This inequality needs to end now and we must allow people of all sexual orientations the option to donate blood.


Petition raised by: Scott Dymond 


Date Petition first considered by Committee: 23 September 2014


Number of signatures: 83