P-03-315 New Dyfi River crossing – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Deputy Clerk, 04.07.2014


For the attention of Kayleigh Driscoll

Petitions Committee Deputy Clerk

on behalf of South Meirionnydd Older People's Forum


Thank you for your E-mail on this subject.

I refer to Section 9 of Appendix 1. (Progress)

If the positioning of the 'New Bridge' is upstream and not allowing for

a by-pass of Machynlleth, all traffic including large, sometimes very

large and long lorries will encounter, not only extensive delays, but also

difficulty in negotiating the 'T' junction at the Machynlleth Clock Tower.

This could be worse on Wednesdays, which is Market Day in the town

and throughout the holiday season.

Any new bridge must be positioned where a by-pass can be planned

and built with economic viability.

The whole idea of a new bridge is not only to avoid the flooding problem

but to effect a speedy route for ambulances, from South Meirionnydd to

Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth, in an emergency. To meet traffic

congestion at Machynlleth Clock Tower will inevitably present it's own

problems and possibly cost lives.