Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee

Statutory Instruments with Clear Reports

2 June 2014



CLA403 - The Education (Amendments Relating to the Inspection of Education and Training) (Wales) Regulations 2014



These Regulations amend the—

(a)      Education (Inspection of Nursery Education) (Wales) Regulations 1999,

(b)      Inspection of Education and Training (Wales) Regulations 2001,

(c)      Education (School Inspection) (Wales) Regulations 2006, and

(d)      Inspection of Careers and Related Services (Wales) Regulations 2006.

This will require Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales (“the Chief Inspector”) to ensure that inspections are conducted by Estyn at least once within every six year period beginning on 1 September 2014.  The amendments will allow the Chief Inspector greater scope to vary the date on which a school or education setting is inspected in order to reduce predictability of inspections.  This will allow the Chief Inspector to inspect those schools that may be causing concern more frequently.  In contrast if there was no such cause for concern the school may be inspected less frequently.


CLA404 - The Education (Notification of School Term Dates) (Wales) Regulations 2014

Procedure: Negative

These Regulations provide for how and by when local authorities in Wales are to inform the Welsh Ministers of the term dates set for maintained schools in their respective areas.