National Assembly for Wales

Enterprise and Business Committee

Follow-up inquiry into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Evidence from the STEM Business Group in Northern Ireland – STM 06

Follow-up inquiry into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Skills- Wales

I  am the STEM Business Co-ordinator in Northern Ireland and my role is to implement the Business led recommendations of the STEM Strategy:



One of the recommendations is to Address the gender bias in STEM and another is to make links with other regions .  I thought you might like to know that the STEM Business subgroup here in Northern Ireland brought out a report, in November 2013, (first draft released, June 2013)   entitled Addressing Gender Balance-reaping the Gender Dividend  (attached). It has case studies of good practice but also has a STEM CEO Charter and 22 Good Practice Guidelines which address the employment stages of pre and post recruitment and career development.


The report is also available on the following link:  


We are working with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland  to launch the STEM CEO Charter on 4 June and are planning a network of employers to share best practice, thereafter.


I had shared this report with Agile Nation in Wales who have, of course brought out their own report in 2012.


I hope that the attached report may be of some contribution to your inquiry. If I or the STEM Business subgroup can be of further help or you need a summary of the report, please let me know.


Lorna McAlpine

STEM Business Sub-group Co-ordinator