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Dr Nadim Haboubi, National Obesity Forum for Wales

Dr Haboubi agreed to provide further detail on the number of patients that he has referred for bariatric surgery, and the number of patients who have received surgery as a consequence of those referrals.

Dr Haboubi has referred 27 patients, out of these only one has had surgery, and two are awaiting surgery.

Mr Jonathan Barry, British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society

Mr Barry agreed to provide further information on the 11 full operating lists he cited as lost in the last financial year, including further information about what “11 full operating lists” amounts to in terms of patient numbers and as a proportion of WIMOS’s overall workload.

No response received to date.

Dr Jayne Layzell, Local Health Boards

Dr Layzell agreed to clarify whether an independent evaluation of the “Healthy Schools” programme has been undertaken.



Following the meeting, Dr Layzell received the independent evaluation of the WNHSS from a colleague. It has been more recently evaluated by Public Health Wales as part of the Health Improvement Review, in less detail, and might not be considered as independent; the outcome of that review was that the programme should continue to be funded, and be strengthened by improving the evaluation to include outcomes, incorporating the Health Behaviours in School aged Children survey questions, currently used to internationally compare children’s heath behaviours.


A copy of the document can be viewed here:


Dr Khesh Sidhu, Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee

Dr Sidhu agreed to clarify NICE figures he cited during the session in relation to:

-       the number of individuals in Wales eligible for referral to bariatric services;

-       the number of individuals eligible for bariatric surgery;

-       the number of individuals likely to accept surgery. 

Dr Sidhu provided a copy of two pages extracted from the ‘Review of Bariatric Surgery Provision and Access Criteria in the context of the All Wales Obesity Pathway’, from which Dr Sidhu obtained the figures cited.


A copy of the document extract is included in the pack (HSC(4)-10-14 Paper 9).