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Inquiry into EU funding opportunities 2014-2020

Evidence from National Museum Wales – EUO 15

Inquiry into EU Funding Opportunities 2014-2020

Response from Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales


1.       Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales (AC-NMW) has been actively engaged in EU work for more than 10 years and we have developed long-term relationships through this work and by being active in the international museum community.  


2.       We might seek funding in future not only for projects of the types already funded but innovative new projects for example large-scale collaborative cultural programmes ( including for example sharing research, exhibiting, collecting and co-production; intercultural dialogue and bi/multi-lingual interpretation; programmes exploring national identities/national history), collaborative cultural digital projects; international adult education or cultural learning programmes using museum collections (for example, connecting Roman sites in Europe including Caerleon, Newport) and international programmes involving workforce skills and mobility.


3.       We have received EU funding for a number of projects, for example:-


·           In 2012 we received funding through the Grundtvig programme to run a workshop for delegates from other European museums and educational organisations to share ideas and experiences from our outreach project

·           From 2010 we have been a partner in an Open Archaeology project that has received funding through the EU Culture Programmes. The Project aims to make stronger relationships between different archaeological open air museums. The partnership is made up of organisation in Spain, Norway, Germany, Finland, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

·           We received Objective 1 ESF funding in 2005 for an outreach project aimed at young people

·           We secured ERDF funding in 2002 for the redevelopment of National Waterfront Museum in Swansea.

·           We received funding through EAGGF in 2002 to redevelop National Wool Museum in Drefach Felindre.

·           In 1999 the museum secured Objective 2 ERDF funding for a major upgrade of the facilities at Big Pit National Coal Museum


4.       There are a number of organisations in Wales providing support for applicants such as WEFO, WCVA, Welsh Government Strategy Framework Co-ordinators and Specialist European Teams. We welcome support from these organisations and will be using their knowledge and experience to assist AC-NMW in accessing information for the 2014-2020 round of funding.


5.       Challenges we face in accessing EU funding include finding partners in other EU countries, finding sources of match funding and extensive reporting and monitoring requirements. We would welcome more assistance with these challenges and easier reporting and monitoring systems for the 2014-2020 round of funding. Fewer administrative demands would allow for greater flexibility for project applicants and more creative thinking. 


6.       AC-NMW has received a great deal of benefit and value from being involved in EU initiatives. The funding we secured enabled us to deliver our Industrial Strategy and innovative outreach work in Objective 1 regions of Wales as well as raising our profile by being involved in an EU wide initiative. These developments had a significant impact on participants, increasing levels of confidence, skills, learning and employment opportunities, and have contributed to the wider regeneration of the areas in which they have taken place.


7.       We are currently considering the opportunities available for AC-NMW during the 2014-2020 programme that align with our strategic long-term organisational priorities and will be approaching organisations such as WEFO, British Council and Welsh Government for advice and guidance in the near future. We will be particularly interested in working in partnership with other organisations to promote innovation and creativity in the field of culture and the broader benefits it can bring to the wider community. We aim to work transnationally to share knowledge and skills with other organisations to strengthen the cultural sector using digital technologies and testing innovative approaches to audience development.



30 January 2014. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museums Wales.

Response to enquiry into EU funding opportunities 2014-2020