Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee

CLA(4)-03-14:  Paper 1





CLA350 - The Education (Local Curriculum for Pupils in Key Stage 4) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014


Procedure:  Negative


The Education (Local Curriculum for Pupils in Key Stage 4) (Wales) Regulations 2009 (“the 2009 Regulations”) made provision as to the formation of the local curriculum, the elections a pupil may make, the head teacher’s decision as to entitlement, and the head teacher’s decision to remove an entitlement. 


These Regulations amend the 2009 Regulations so that the minimum number of courses that a local authority must include in its local curriculum is 25, of which 3 must be vocational (regulation 2(a)). These Regulations also repeal regulations 5 to 7 of the 2009 Regulations so that there is no longer a requirement for courses of study in the local curriculum, nor for a pupil’s choices of local curriculum courses, to have a minimum points value (regulation 2(b)).



CLA351 - The Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2014.


Procedure:  Negative


These Regulations amend the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010 (‘the 2010 Regulations’).


The 2010 Regulations required inspectors approved by a body designated by the Welsh Ministers to submit a copy of the approval notice with certain notices and certificates specified in Schedule 1 to the 2010 Regulations. The inspectors were also required to include with certain notices and certificates a declaration signed by the insurer that a named scheme of insurance approved by the Welsh Ministers applied to the work to which a notice or certificate relates.


These Regulations remove those requirements and replace them with a requirement that the relevant notices and certificates state that copies of the approval notice and insurance declaration are on the register kept by the designated body (currently the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register) in relation to Wales.


CLA352 - The Agricultural Holdings (Units of Production) (Wales) Order 2014


Procedure:  Negative


This Order prescribes units of production for the assessment of the productive capacity of agricultural land situated in Wales and sets out the amount which is to be regarded as the net annual income from each such unit for the year 12 September 2013 to 11 September 2014 for certain purposes of the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986  This Order revokes the Agricultural Holdings (Units of Production) (Wales) Order 2012 (S.I. 2012/3022 (W.306)).