Paper to note - Paper 6

Briefing Note

Welsh Heads of Environmental Health, Housing Technical Panel.

Inquiry into Home Adaptations

Purpose of this note: To suggest an improved way of measuring performance and service delivery.

Measuring the time taken to deliver of an adaptation across tenure as opposed to the delivery of just focusing on DFGs.

The existing P I could be broken down and reporting could involve:

·         The time taken from initial enquiry (telephone call etc) to provision of an OT assessment.

·         The time taken to provide a housing solution as many enquiries for DFGs are resolved in different ways(re-housing, provision equipment and advice)

·         The time taken to undertake an adaptation/DFG valued at under £1000,under £3000 over £10,000.

Another focus could involve measuring the customers’ experience –standardised questionnaires across Wales.

More focus on outcomes:  A review of a percentage of adaptations delivered (10-20%) in a year to establish if they are being used, improved health and mobility, independence.  Again it is important to have a standardised approach.

Jonathan Willis 15/5/2013.