Oral Assembly Questions tabled on 23 April 2013
for answer on 30 April 2013


R - Signifies the Member has declared an interest.
W - Signifies that the question was tabled in Welsh.

(Self identifying Question no. shown in brackets)


To ask the Minister for Culture and Sport


1. Ann Jones (Vale of Clwyd): What is the Welsh Government doing to encourage more young women to participate in sport? OAQ(4)0006(CS)


2. Janet Finch-Saunders (Aberconwy): Will the Minister make a statement on the preservation of historic buildings in conservation areas in Wales? OAQ(4)0013(CS)


3. Suzy Davies (South Wales West): How does the Minister plan to deal with the definition of ‘safety’ in the Active Travel (Wales) Bill? OAQ(4)0008(CS)


4. Mike Hedges (Swansea East):  What advice does Cadw give regarding the restoration of historical buildings with listed status? OAQ(4)0003(CS)


5. Nick Ramsay (Monmouth):  Will the Minister outline his plans to promote the Welsh heritage sector? OAQ(4)0007(CS)


6. Gwyn Price (Islwyn): Will the Minister make a statement on the promotion of cycling in Islwyn? OAQ(4)0009(CS)


7. Andrew RT Davies (South Wales Central):  What action is the Welsh Government taking to support grassroots sport in South Wales Central? OAQ(4)0001(CS)


8. Mark Isherwood (North Wales):  How is the Welsh Government protecting our built heritage? OAQ(4)0004(CS)


9. Mick Antoniw (Pontypridd): Will the Minister make a statement outlining the support available from the Welsh Government for grassroots music in Wales? OAQ(4)0012(CS)


10. Jenny Rathbone (Cardiff Central):  What can the Welsh Government do to increase the number of girls playing football at all levels? OAQ(4)0005(CS)


11. Darren Millar (Clwyd West): What resources is the Welsh Government providing to develop crown green bowling? OAQ(4)0002 (CS)


12. Russell George (Montgomeryshire): Will the Minister make a statement on the statutory compliance performance of the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority. OAQ(4)0011(CS)


13. Lynne Neagle (Torfaen):  Will the Minister outline his priorities for sport in Torfaen? OAQ(4)0010(CS)