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15 November 2023

Support to Ukrainian Refugees

Dear Jane,

I am writing to you following our consideration of a letter that was sent to the Committee regarding cultural support to Ukraine.

It’s nearly two years since the invasion of Ukraine. In that time, a warm welcome has been provided to Ukrainian refugees in Wales. However, we are aware that there has been a change in levels of support provided. I would be grateful for:

§    An update on actions being taken to support Ukraine;

§    More information on the support provided to Ukrainian children to maintain their language and culture; and

§    An update on the support provided to Ukrainian refugees by the Welsh Government.

I look forward to receiving your response in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Testun, llythyr  Disgrifiad wedi'i gynhyrchu'n awtomatig

Delyth Jewell MS
Committee Chair




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