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14 November 2023

Providing oral evidence for Welsh Government’s Draft Budget 2024-25


Dear Mark,


On 2 November 2023, Welsh Government officials informed the Committee that you would not be giving oral evidence relating to the Welsh Government’s Draft Budget 2024-25, and would instead provide a written paper. We were informed that this is because you have previously agreed to attend the Committee annually to coincide with the publishing of the international relations annual report.


This year, and perhaps even more than has been the case in previous years, we are aware of the challenges placed upon government finances, and we had requested an oral evidence session so that we could scrutinise how decisions will affect the budget areas for which you hold responsibility in relation to international relations. We are disappointed that this will not be possible, though we understand the reasons that have been given for this.


As you will not be able to attend our evidence session on 11 January 2024, we would welcome a detailed response to each of the points outlined to you in our letter on 25 October 2023. As with last year, we would also welcome an urgent response to any requests for further information following our consideration of your written evidence in early January 2024. This will allow us to report our findings in time for the deadline of 5 February 2024.


Yours sincerely,

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Delyth Jewell MS
Committee Chair


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