CELG(4) HA 13


Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee

Inquiry into Home Adaptations


Response from : Velindre NHS Trust


Consultation Comment Form


Comments on: REF 102 Inquiry into Home Adaptations


Date Consultation period ends : 01/02/2013


Name:                  Dr Sue Morgan


Title:                     Executive Director of Nursing and Quality


Organisation:      Velindre NHS Trust


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What more needs to be done to improve home adaptation services in Wales.

Increasing focus on providing care closer to home, including care at home and complexity of care needs and demographic changes would indicate that this will be a requirement into the long term.  As consequence will require adequate resourcing and timeliness of service provision.

The needs of palliative patients not always considered - time scales for DFG's are lengthy and therefore cannot be accessed

Response times for adaptations across the 5 LHB's vary greatly 

Rapid Response budgets (C & V) that run out before the end of financial year results in work being carried out by social services which delays discharge.


















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