Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee

 Forward Work Programme: Autumn Term 2023

*Please note this programme is subject to change at the Committee’s discretion.
More details will be made available on the Committee’s website ahead of each meeting.

Meeting date

Committee business

Wednesday 13 September

City and Regional Growth Deals

Thursday 28 September

Careers Wales

Wednesday 11 October

Trade and Ports

Thursday 26 October

Nuclear Power and the Welsh Economy

Monday 30 October – Sunday 5 November: Half Term Recess

Wednesday 15 November

External Committee Visit

Thursday 30 November

Research and Development / Future of Welsh Steel

Thursday 7 December

Border Target Operating Model

Wednesday 13 December

General Ministerial Scrutiny:

§  Minister for Economy

§  Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd

Monday 18 December – Sunday 7 January: Christmas Recess