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09 May 2023


















Dear Peredur,


I am writing to you in my capacity as the Additional Accounting Officer for Welsh rates of income tax (WRIT) in HMRC.


HMRC administers WRIT on behalf of the Welsh Government, and we work closely with them to ensure that we are meeting their requirements and administering WRIT effectively.


My predecessor, Ruth Stanier, gave evidence to the Finance Committee on HMRC’s administration of WRIT in November 2019. I recently met with Andrew Jeffreys, Director of the Welsh Treasury, and we agreed that another such session might be beneficial in ensuring members of the Senedd have the opportunity to scrutinise HMRC’s administration of WRIT. Should the Finance Committee like to take evidence from HMRC on WRIT, now or in the future, I would be very happy to attend.


If the committee would prefer a less formal session to gain greater understanding of HMRC’s work to administer WRIT, then HMRC officials involved in that work would be happy to deliver an informal session to the committee and answer any questions.


Please let me know if either of these sessions would be of interest to the Finance Committee.


Yours sincerely,




Jonathan Athow,

Director General, Customer Strategy & Tax Design