Statutory Instruments with Clear Reports

22 May 2023

SL(6)355 The Cancellation of Student Loans for Living Costs Liability (Wales) Regulations 2023

Procedure: Made Negative

These Regulations provide for up to £1,500 of a full-time undergraduate student’s living costs loan (also known as a maintenance loan) for academic year 2023/2024, to be cancelled in certain circumstances. This will not be in the form of a cash lump sum; rather the balance of an individual’s loan will be reduced by the appropriate amount the day after a borrower’s first repayment is made.

A student can only receive a partial cancellation once.  They cannot receive a partial cancellation in respect of academic year 2023/24 if they have already received a cancellation in respect of any previous academic year. A student will not be entitled to a partial cancellation if there are any outstanding charges or penalties or if they are in breach of their loan agreement or any regulations made under section 22 of the Teaching and Higher Education Act 1998.

Parent Act: Teaching and Higher Education Act 1998
Date Made: 02 May 2023
Date Laid: 05 May 2023
Coming into force date: 01 August 2023