P-06-1302 Protect Mid-Wales’ unique Cambrian Mountains: designate them an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


This petition was submitted by Lorna Celia Brazell, having collected 3,571 signatures online and 17,285 signatures on paper, making for a total of 20,856 signatures collected.


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The Cambrian Mountains: endless open skies, outstanding biodiversity, spectacular hills and valleys, 5000 years' heritage of Welsh language, farming and mining. Their sense of immense space and peace is rare.

Sadly, conservation of these uplands gets little attention. Farms are bought up for conifer planting or for large wind farms despite the lack of infrastructure.

So beautiful a region needs protection AND longer term rural employment. Designate the Cambrians as Mid-Wales’ first AONB!


Additional Information:

The Cambrian Mountains' peatlands mitigate climate change by absorbing manmade carbon, and reduce river flooding. Biodiverse native woodlands and fens nurture precious plants, animals and birds. Birds of prey cruise the skies; red squirrels, otters and pine martens roam; butterflies, dragonflies, ladybirds and 15 kinds of dung-beetles call it home! Scattered farms, cairns, chapels and ruins record people’s lives and work here since the Bronze Age.

AONB designation would bring balance between development, local communities’ needs AND people’s need for green space. Existing AONBs like Gower, Anglesey, Clwydian Hills and Dee Valley thrive while promoting and preserving Welsh landscapes for all.

We need to stop and think: Politicians raise concerns over windfarm plans (mynewtown.co.uk). Large scale afforestation will decimate rural communities warns farming union (nation.cymru). Give the Cambrian Mountains prestige AONB branding and coherent management and watch the region flourish!


Senedd Constituency and Region

·         Brecon and Radnorshire

·         Mid and West Wales