P-06-1312 To help improve water quality in the River Usk by upgrading sewage systems in the Usk valley, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 10.12.22

With regard to my petition, I would like to make the following additional points:

1. Welsh Water have announced plans to upgrade the sewage systems at Brecon, Llanfoist and Usk over the next three years. Provided that these plans are carried out, this should lead to a significant improvement in water quality in the River Usk.


2. The problem of Newport's sewage has not been addressed.


3. There are some 60 Combined Storm Overflows entering the River Usk. All of these should be looked at.


4. Agricultural pollution remains a large problem.


5. I would like the new Commissioner for Future Generations to be made aware of my petition and also this e mail.