HSC(6)-16-22 PTN 04

Y Gwir Anrh/Rt Hon Mark Drakeford AS/MS

Prif Weinidog Cymru/First Minister of Wales


Russell George MS Chair

Health and Social Care Committee Cardiff Bay

Cardiff CF99 1NA



3rd April 2022


Dear Russell,


Thank you for your letter of 1 April regarding the independent UK Covid-19 Inquiry draft terms of reference, and for sight of your response to its chair Baroness Hallett.


I remain committed to the independent UK Covid-19 Inquiry. In November, in a letter to the Prime Minister, I said the Welsh Government would take an approach of candour – we will engage fully and openly with the inquiry.


You asked whether the inquiry would be able to publish its own reports. I understand the chair will be responsible for publishing the inquiry’s reports, including any interim reports.




Canolfan Cyswllt Cyntaf / First Point of Contact Centre:

0300 0604400

Gohebiaeth.Mark.Drakeford@llyw.cymru Correspondence.Mark.Drakeford@gov.wales


Bae Caerdydd • Cardiff Bay

Caerdydd • Cardiff

CF99 1SN


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