My wife and I and our newborn will be forced to leave St Dogmaels in a few weeks because our land-lorders are going to turn our home into their fourth holiday let in the village.


We both work full-time, but there is nothing for rent in ANY price range in St Dogmaels because everything is a second home or holiday let-- illegal commercial activity in residential family homes.


With no other choice, we've been forced to register with Pembs housing, but there are nearly 5,000 others ahead of us on the list. Only 1-3 properties come up each week, and none are within an hour of our current home. My wife may lose her job and we will lose our community when we have to move elsewhere.


If the Senedd truly cared about the working class, it would immediately ban second homes and holiday lets in residential areas, and issue tens of thousands of permissions to allow young working families to build environmentally-friendly homes on the edges of thousands of fields in the county. But of course they won't.


This is an abject failure on the part of corrupt politicians at every level and that is why this nation will fail in the long run. You should all resign immediately, because you have failed to put the contribution class above the extraction class.