P-05-1003 Demand an EIA now on the dumping of radioactively contaminated mud in Welsh waters, Correspondence – EDF to Committee, 02.08.21

I am writing to update you on plans for dredging in the Bristol Channel as part of construction work for Hinkley Point C. 

Dredging for Hinkley Point C has generated some media and community interest in recent years, due to inaccurate claims that the mud is contaminated and could pose a risk to health. In this context, we wanted to keep you informed of any new developments.

The key updates are:


For this phase of dredging the Government’s marine science experts at Cefas have conducted testing that went above and beyond internationally recognised best practice, with more samples at greater depth and with a greater range of analysis. The results confirmed previous analysis that the mud is perfectly safe for disposal at sea and poses no risk to humans or the environment. The results also confirmed that the low levels of radioactivity in the mud is predominantly naturally occurring - as found up and down the Severn Estuary, as well as around the coast of Britain. The additional artificial radioactivity from a range of human activities is very low. An independent report commissioned by the Welsh Government also found that the mud would be deemed suitable for disposal at sea.


A more detailed briefing is available on our website at Dredging mud in the Bristol Channel | Hinkley Point C | EDF (edfenergy.com) and you are welcome to share this link with your constituents. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.