P-05-1133 Adapt the teacher training syllabus to include Transformational Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 30.08.21



·         What are your thoughts on the attached document?  


I am grateful for a response from the Education Workforce Council,  but it does not address the initial problem that we are facing here in Wales of teacher burn out and stress, with a high number of staff leaving the profession.  

I understand that there needs to be a balance of theory and teaching practice. Placing an extra few hours a week to a timetable that isn’t currently a full time table can be feasible to equip our teachers with some solid EQ tools.



·         Does it adequately address the issues that you raised?  


I don’t feel that it has adequately addressed the issues raised. I understand that that the EWC and Welsh Government have received many requests for additions to the syllabus of ITE programmes over the years.

However, we are moving into a very different era of teaching. Our teachers need a different set of tools to support not only themselves with the resilience of maintaining a job that have high cases of burn out and stress but also to manage to pass the tools to our next generation of children.


·         Do you have further questions in response? 


I’d like to know how we will maintain our teaching staff in the future?


·         Is there anything additional that you would like the Committee to know at this stage, either in response to this document or as an update to the Committee? 


Since the pandemic, our teaching staff and specially many Head Teachers are at burn out point. Having worked with over 200 Head Teachers throughout the pandemic understand first-hand how they are feeling as a result.


I will look forward to hearing from you.