P-05-1147 Require all schools to provide daily live / recorded teaching to all pupils not returning to school, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 24.06.21


Many thanks for pursuing this petition on my behalf. 


Kirsty Williams will be aware from my direct correspondence with her that I have contacted my children's school, its governing body and Powys County Council. This did not result in the school providing any live or recorded lessons. The petition was a last resort as I feel I have no voice. 


It is not satisfactory to leave this decision to schools if headteachers refuse to find solutions - in our case a local cluster of heads had decided in September 2020 that they would not be making live online provision in the event of the winter lockdown. They could have used all the extra planning time to work collegiately to deliver live or recorded lessons. 


I am keen to know the current minister's views on the inequality experienced by some pupils (14% of Powys learners, based on PCC research). Should schools have to close in the autumn, will there be an entitlement to daily live or recorded teaching? Or will children attending schools that decline to teach be disadvantaged further?