Petition Number: P-06-1165

Petition title: Ban the sale and consumption of alcohol within the Senedd.    

Text of petition:

We call upon the Senedd to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol within the Senedd. The Senedd is a workplace and most workplaces won't allow alcohol on their premises. There are also many establishments within the capital that Members of the Senedd can go to after a days work to unwind, just the same as the rest of the citizens in Wales do.


People already feel there is a them and us culture within politics, this would go a little way to help changing that perception.



1.     Background

The management of the Senedd estate, including any restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol, is a matter for the Senedd Commission.

Catering services in the Senedd are outsourcedto an external contractor, Charlton House & Co Group (“Charlton”).

Under the contract, Charlton manages the Senedd’s restaurant, coffee shop, tea rooms, public café and provides catering services for Senedd hospitality and events. Charlton holds a licence for serving alcohol on Senedd premises.

2.     Alcohol policy on Senedd estate

The Senedd introduced a policy in September 2014 providing that alcohol would not be served on the estate before 18:00pm.

The Senedd Commission’s Policy for the use of the Assembly Estate[1] states:

14.1 No alcohol for consumption on the Assembly estate will be sold or served by our licensees before 6pm during the week in term time. If the Assembly is not sitting, these rules may be relaxed on occasion, but only with the Llywydd’s express consent, which can be sought via the Venues team. [RS emphasis]

This restriction is also reflected in the Senedd’s Visitor Code of Conduct.




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[1] This is an internal document.