P-05-974 Ensure the technology of prosthetic limbs provided within the Welsh NHS is equal to the rest of the UK


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We call upon the Senedd to urge the Welsh Government to ensure that funding is in place to enable limb amputees within Wales to have prosthetic technology at least equal to that which is available within the English and Scottish NHS.

We ask for the same level of support to be made available to people living in Wales. NHS Scotland has provided microprocessor prosthetics for several years and NHS England since 2016. The Welsh policy review is outstanding since 2017.


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As a fit nearly 60-year-old, whilst at work one Friday afternoon in March 2018 I suffered an aneurysm in my right leg. During the next 8 days I had three major operations during which a very professional team tried to save my leg, save it below the knee, and then above the knee. The last was successful and I am left with my leg removed just above the knee. Introduced to ALAC at Rookwood my journey back to work started. They designed and fitted a prosthetic limb and through regular physiotherapy I was walking and back in work late summer. Thank you, brilliant service.


For several years there has been a significant discrepancy with the type of prosthetics available to disabled people of Wales.


As I will have to spend the rest of my life using a prosthetic leg I would like to be given, and I would like all amputees in Wales to be given, the same opportunity as residents of the rest of the UK.


Do not discriminate. Equal the standard for Welsh disabled residents.


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·         Monmouth

·         South Wales East