Public Accounts Committee


Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 3 - Senedd




Meeting date:

Tuesday, 12 March 2013




Meeting time:

09: - 11:00




This meeting can be viewed on Senedd TV at:



Concise Minutes:




Assembly Members:


Darren Millar (Chair)

Mohammad Asghar (Oscar) AM

Mike Hedges

Julie Morgan

Gwyn R Price

Jenny Rathbone

Aled Roberts

Jocelyn Davies








Huw Vaughan Thomas, Auditor General for Wales, Wales Audit Office

Anthony Barrett, Wales Audit Office Partner, Wales Audit Office

Gillian Body, Assistant Auditor General, Wales Audit Office

Paul Dimblebee, Group Director - Performance Audit, WAO






Committee Staff:


Tom Jackson (Clerk)

Daniel Collier (Deputy Clerk)





1.  Introductions, apologies and substitutions

1.1 The Chair welcomed Members and members of the public to the meeting.




2.  Consideration of the Wales Audit Office's programme of value for money studies

2.1 The Chair invited Huw Vaughan Thomas, the Auditor General for Wales, to introduce the Wales Audit Office Work programme of value for money studies.


2.2 The Committee questioned the Auditor General on the work programme and discussed priorities of value for money work to be undertaken by the Wales Audit Office.




3.  Papers to note

3.1 The Committee noted the minutes of the meeting on 5 March 2013.




4.  Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:




5.  Consideration of the Wales Audit Office's programme of value for money studies

5.1 The Committee discussed the Wales Audit Office programme of value for money studies and outlined a number of areas which it would like the Auditor General to consider as part of its work planning.




6.  Consideration of the Terms of Reference for the inquiry relating to Caldicot and Wentlooge Levels Internal Drainage Board

6.1 The Committee discussed and agreed its Terms of Reference for its inquiry into Caldicot and Wentlooge Levels Internal Drainage Board and discussed which witnesses it would like to take evidence from.




7.  Consideration of draft Committee work programme for the spring term 2013

7.1 The Committee discussed its work programme for the remainder of the spring/summer term 2013.




8.  Review of support provided to the Committee

8.1 The Committee requested to discuss this item without the presence of Assembly staff and Wales Audit Office officials.





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