Elin Jones MS
 Llywydd and Chair of the Business Committee


2 July 2020

Annwyl Llywydd


Meetings during Summer recess 2020


I note that the Business Committee has agreed that the Senedd should be recalled on 5 and 26 August to consider the outcome of the Welsh Government’s three-weekly reviews of the coronavirus regulations.

As the responsible Committee under Standing Order 21, we have reported to the Senedd on all amending regulations to the principal coronavirus regulations, drawing the Senedd’s attention, for example, to important implications of the legislation on human rights.

We believe that these reports provide valuable information to Members to enable them to perform their scrutiny function fully and ultimately reach a judgement on whether the amending regulations should remain in force.

In order for us to plan any meetings we need to arrange in the summer recess to perform our scrutiny function under Standing Order 21, it would be helpful to know in advance how the Business Committee plans to schedule debates on amending regulations that arise from the Welsh Government’s review. In our view, it is important to ensure that amending regulations are not subject to debate and a vote without an appropriate report from our committee.

We anticipate, based on practice to date, that should the Welsh Government’s next review on 9 July result in amending regulations, these will be debated and subject to a vote on 5 August, while any further amending regulations resulting from a review on 30 July will be debated and subject to a vote on 26 August. Looking further ahead, we similarly anticipate that any regulations arising from the review on 20 August would be debated and voted upon in September.



We would welcome urgent clarification that this understanding is correct. It will enable us to put timely arrangements in place, as I am mindful that holding committee meetings during a recess period has implications for committee members and all staff  supporting a virtual committee.


Yours sincerely

Mick Antoniw AM



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