P-04-437 Opposing compulsory registration for home educating children

Briefing Document




Proposals by the

Welsh Assembly Government




Introduce Compulsory Registration and Monitoring for

Electively Home Educated Children


Version 4

10th October 2012




This document looks at the main points to consider with respect to these proposals. We examine the fact that it is not a proposal to register our children but a licensing scheme and demonstrate that it is wrong for Local Authorities to be given the right to enter our homes and interview our children:








It will be demonstrated that not only do the proposals breach basic legal principles but that they are based on research that did not study electively home educated children. Further, ideas that children who are electively home educated are 'at risk' are misguided in the extreme.


Outcomes for children will be shown to be considerably better when electively home educated than educated at school and Local Authority performance in education is demonstrated to be lacking.


You are challenged to read the facts and still support this proposal.



Wendy Charles-Warner







Executive Summary


The Legal Position



The Basis for the Welsh Assembly Government Proposals




The Basis for the Welsh Assembly Government Proposals

Bridgend Research






Safeguarding including Crime



Outcomes for Electively Home Educated Children



Local Authority Performance in Wales






Alternative Actions


There are a great many cheaper, more effective alternatives that will also encourage engagement with LAs which include: