P-05-1040 Introduce a moratorium on the approval any new large scale waste incinerators in Wales, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 01.02.21


Thank you for sending me the Minister’s response and for providing me with the further opportunity to comment. 


I appreciate the time the Minister has taken to respond to the committee’s queries. I have the following additional comments to make which I would like to be taken into consideration by the committee:


  1. The Minister has not provided any reasoning as to why the Welsh Government will not put in place a moratorium in order to consider the capacity of waste incinerators in Wales and take an informed view on whether more should be approved. 
  2. The Minister has not commented on many of the points I have raised, such as the evidence that incineration diverts from recycling, the reports/ evidence regarding Co2 emissions, and the views regarding modern landfill etc
  3. With large scale incinerator applications in the pipeline, and the Zero Waste/Circular economy strategy being currently considered – I would like to request that ‘The Future of Waste Incineration in Wales’ be put to a Members debate in the Senedd. There is cross party concern about the impact of incineration and this must be duly considered by the ministers. 


I thank the Committee again for its time in considering this matter.


Kind regards,


Cllr Amanda Jenner