Kayleigh Imperato 
 Dirprwy Glerc, Y Pwyllgor Deisebau, Senedd Cymru
 Deputy Clerk, Petitions Committee, Welsh Parliament

                                                                                                National Anti Snaring Campaign



                                                                                                                                28 Jan. 2020


                                                Snaring Petition

Dear Madam,

Please ensure that the National Anti-Snaring Campaign is down as a stakeholder.

I note the Environment Minister states: “my intention is to drive up animal welfare standards”.

I can see the Environment Minister legislating that only “code Compliant Snares” are sold and used in Wales.   As the DEFRA report: DETERMINING THE EXTENT OF USE AND HUMANENESS OF SNARES IN ENGLAND AND WALES, which I have previously submitted showed the code compliant snares do not raise animal welfare standards, can I ask the Petitions Committee to support the following wording be sent to Environment  Minister:

As DEFRA has proved the code compliant snare causes significant injury and catch as many non-target as target animals, that the Petitions Committee asks that only snares proven not to cause injury are used in any Agriculture Bill, and if such snares do not exist, then no snares should be used.

And further, even if a “truly humane” snare was approved, unless it can discriminate, then badgers must be given more protection with increased penalties and a limit on snare numbers in any location.


Yours faithfully,


Simon Wild