P-05-1114 Allow traditional acupuncturists in Wales to practice during lockdowns


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We are urging the Welsh Government to re-classify traditional acupuncture alongside similar medical treatments for illness or injury, so that acupuncture clinics can remain open during this and any future lockdowns. During the Welsh firebreak lockdown chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists have been allowed to treat patients who need urgent care. They are seen as essential health service providers.


Additional Information:

However, acupuncturists were named by the Welsh Government as close contact services (listed alongside tattoo and hair and beauty services) having to close during the firebreak, despite frequently seeing patients who need urgent care.


We strongly feel that acupuncturists should be allowed to continue to treat patients, which will in turn help to reduce the pressure on the NHS. Acupuncture has been approved by NICE for many conditions, and the Professional Standards Authority has agreed with the British Acupuncture Council that acupuncture is directly comparable to osteopathy and chiropractic.


Conditions treated by traditional acupuncturists include severe lower back pain, sciatica, anxiety, stress, migraines and chronic conditions such as Long Tail Covid, for which the NHS has little to offer.


Please consider signing this petition so our Government can see how many people believe traditional acupuncture to be an essential healthcare service.


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·         Cardiff South and Penarth

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