P-05-991 Make available a sticker stating you live in Wales, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 28.08.20

I started this petition because friends were being stopped 2 or 3 times a day, on their way in & out of Bala. Eventually the police remembered them & waved them on. The police behaved admirably. They were friendly & chatty but I thought this was a waste of their valuable time & safety. Rarely are police seen with any protection. They were there, at that time,  to stop people holidaying in Wales & coming in to Wales  because of Covid 19.

I thought a card or sticker( depending if people wanted to keep it up all the time or not), stating ‘Rwy’n byw yng Nghymru’ / ‘I live in Wales ‘  & their post code would  be a useful & proud effort that people could make. On the back in small print,  the person could write their name, the car registration & their locality, in case of theft.  The police could then just wave them on( unless they were behaving inappropriately).

The card would be voluntary, for a small cost, with some identification noting that it was official &/or a number. The latter could be used as a reference for the police, if it became necessary. The card could be bought from the DVLA or local councils. A councillor has signed the petition because he thought it may be useful if there is a 2nd wave.

If this second wave comes, Wales does not want hoards of day trippers. These are the people who leave the rubbish, do not social distance & defecate in the countryside   We do want people who have bothered to book in B&B’s, self catering,hotels etc. Even 2nd home owners would be welcome because we need the economy, in safety, cleanliness & respect for Wales.

The people who have booked could perhaps be provided with their own pass, from their B&B, or hotel etc.

The day trippers could then be stopped by the police because they would not have a card or sticker.

Perhaps if it became popular to have a sticker or card it may be a deterrent to these day visitors. We seriously need to keep Wales safe.

Cofion cynnes,