P-05-993 Make retail in Wales fully accessible to disabled people


This petition was submitted by Angharad Paget-Jones having collected a total of 173 signatures.


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During the Covid-19 pandemic, many essential stores have used methods of safety that have excluded many disabled people. Visually impaired people were not counted to the priority shopping slots before late May. All the signs and floor markings are purely visual which is useless if you have low/no vision. One way systems in stores not being wide enough for wheelchair users and disabled bays being used for a place for people to queue.


Additional Information

As we're coming out of lockdown disabled people are facing more challenges. Buses and trains have sealed off disabled bays, the deaf can't lip read with people wearing facemasks and with the opening of bars, cafes and restaurants, more outdoor seating is going to be made possible this poses an increased risk to disabled people as most of the time outdoor seating spills over on to public space and causes hazard and obstruction.


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·         Aberavon

·         South Wales West