P-05-983 Give grant aid to Bed and Breakfast businesses in Wales that pay council tax and not business rates, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 08.07.20

We have been on the eligibility checker for the resilience fund many times and as we don’t employ any staff and are not VAT registered we do not qualify for this fund either. Nowhere on any of the checkers does it ask if our income has decreased by 100% which it has.


If we want to reopen in the next week we have to put in place measures to make our building COVID safe. Which we do not have the funding to do.


Money was given to the welsh Assembly from England to cover our kind of business but this was spent elsewhere and big businesses are still getting extra funding where small family run businesses like ours are falling through all of the gaps.


All we want is some help as we find it unfair that our taxes will go up In the future to help repay all of the grants that other people have managed to receive. People with second homes have managed to receive at least £10,000 as they say they are renting it out for a small portion of the year but this is not their main source of income.


Many thanks


Louise Grice