P-05-955 Objection to proposal by Costain to implement Option B in the rerouting of the A465 at Brynmawr


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For the reasons below, we the undersigned, object to the proposal by Costain to implement Option B in the rerouting of the A465 at Brynmawr. Costain favour option B and intend that it will be implemented in April 2020. There will be no entrance or exit to or from Brynmawr from the Western Valley. Option B will dramatically increase the already excessive volume of traffic through Beaufort Village and Brynmawr as drivers heading West have no way of getting onto A465 from the Western Valley areas. ,e.g Nantyglo, Blaina, Abertillery, Aberbeeg, LLanhilleth, Blaenavon etc. There will be implications for traders in both Beaufort and Brynmawr as the already struggling towns will be bypassed by traffic travelling from the East. The environmental impact on both towns will also be unacceptable due to the increased carbon emissions from slow moving traffic which, during peak times is already at a standstill. The road through Beaufort has a 7.5 tonne weight restriction; however, heavy traffic in excess of 7.5 tonnes will not be able to access the A465 without travelling through Beaufort and Brynmawr Public transport will have a detour of up to 6 miles to access the A465.


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