P-05-982 Re-open outdoor tennis courts and training in line with the rest of the UK and Europe


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Tennis is one of very few sports where social distancing can be embraced and it is an exceptional form of exercise. Making it a pivotal outlet for people to exercise safely throughout coronavirus while, supporting the mental health and physical wellbeing of many young people and adults. Scotland, England and Western Europe have reopened outdoor tennis courts and training. The result indicates that the reopening of outdoor tennis courts in these countries has been successful


Additional Information:

Tennis lends itself to natural social distancing and has proven to be a safe sport in the UK and the rest of Europe. A further delay will cause financial strain on coaches and put Welsh performance players at a significant disadvantage to both their UK and European counterparts. Coaches in England, following set rules have been able to coach safely again allowing them to restart their revenue inflow and transitionally helping them return to normality. An additional delay, will hit performance players one of the hardest. This further delay will put them so far behind players across the UK and Europe in terms of getting back to match fitness and in the future when qualifying for tournaments.


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