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Welsh Parliament

Pwyllgor yr Economi, Seilwaith a Sgiliau

Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee

Effeithiau COVID-19: Galwad Agored am dystiolaeth a phrofiadau

Impacts of COVID-19: Open Call for evidence and experiences

EIS(5) COV - 06

Ymateb gan: Ymateb unigol

Response from: Individual response



Failings by the Welsh Government are inappropriate blanket healthcare decisions on issues such as Do Not Attempt Resuscitation notices sent to people, shielding letters sent to wrong addresses, lack of sufficient PPE for care workers and the NHS staff, and cancelling operations/treatments.


Other mistakes are the crap roadmap with no dates and no clear answers, the complete disregard of the economy, not following England's approach to the housing market, no clear guidance as to what happens when furloughed workers go back to work in August part time if the lockdown is still in place, rubbish testing capacity, rubbish approach to easing of the lockdown, Vaughan Gethin's chips in lockdown and microphone incidents!! where is this promised £500 to care workers? and your lack of help for The Welsh Mountain Zoo where animals are being threatened with being put to sleep.


Where is the advice for the housing market, advice for sellers/buyers, advice for Estate Agents, advice for Letting Agents, advice for Conveyancers?? Why has the housing market with social distancing measures opened in England and the housing market is still closed in Wales? Why can't the housing market open in Wales with social distancing measures? Many buyers and sellers are in limbo at the moment in Wales.


Mark Drakeford has now said that the lockdown review is now not on Thursday but instead is next Monday. This is shocking as we are never going to get Wales back to some sort of normality.



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