Agenda - Petitions Committee

Meeting Venue:

Video Conference via Zoom

Meeting date: 15 September 2020

Meeting time: 09.00
For further information contact:

Graeme Francis - Committee Clerk

Kayleigh Imperato – Deputy Clerk

0300 200 6565373



In accordance with Standing Order 34.19, the Chair has determined that the public are excluded from the Committee's meeting in order to protect public health. This meeting will be broadcast live on




1       Introduction, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

09:00                                                                                          (Pages 1 - 45)



2       Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:


Item 2



3       Debates on petitions - private discussion

                                                                                                 (Pages 46 - 49)



4       New Covid-19 petitions




4.1     P-05-987 Update guidelines so family run Adult Gaming Centres qualify for Business Grants in Wales

                                                                                                 (Pages 50 - 57)



4.2     P-05-991 Make available a sticker stating you live in Wales

                                                                                                 (Pages 58 - 60)



4.3     P-05-993 Make retail in Wales fully accessible to disabled people

                                                                                                 (Pages 61 - 70)



The following two items will be considered together (4.4 and 4.5):




4.4     P-05-998 Wearing of face masks/coverings to be mandatory in shops

                                                                                                 (Pages 71 - 75)



4.5     P-05-1005 Make sure face masks in shops do not become compulsory

                                                                                                 (Pages 76 - 78)



4.6     P-05-999 Implement a minimum of 1 metre social distancing in all Primary Schools in September 2020

                                                                                                 (Pages 79 - 86)



5       New Covid-19 petitions that are already resolved




5.1     P-05-994 Permit the reopening of church buildings, etc. for communal worship

                                                                                                 (Pages 87 - 90)



5.2     P-05-1004 Allow Dance Schools in Wales to re-open their indoor classes with immediate effect

                                                                                                 (Pages 91 - 94)



5.3     P-05-1019 Award teacher predicted grades to all Welsh students for examination 2020

                                                                                                 (Pages 95 - 98)



6       Other new petitions




6.1     P-05-974 Ensure the technology of prosthetic limbs provided within the Welsh NHS is equal to the rest of the UK

                                                                                               (Pages 99 - 109)



6.2     P-05-992 We call on the Welsh Government to create a common body of knowledge about Welsh history that all pupils will learn

                                                                                             (Pages 110 - 122)



6.3     P-05-1000 Make it compulsory for Black and POC UK histories to be taught in the Welsh education curriculum

                                                                                             (Pages 123 - 133)



6.4     P-05-996 To call on the Welsh Government not to remove, damage or destroy any historical symbols in Wales

                                                                                             (Pages 134 - 140)



The following two items will be considered together (6.5 and 6.6):




6.5     P-05-1001 Hold an independent inquiry into the choice of site for the proposed new Velindre Cancer Centre

                                                                                             (Pages 141 - 160)



6.6     P-05-1018 Support for the current proposed plans to build a new Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, in any future inquiry

                                                                                             (Pages 161 - 165)



6.7     P-05-1002 Apply stamp duty holiday to all house purchases in Wales

                                                                                             (Pages 166 - 175)



6.8     P-05-1003 Demand an EIA now on the dumping of radioactively contaminated mud in Welsh waters

                                                                                             (Pages 176 - 205)



7       Updates to previous Covid-19 petitions




7.1     P-05-962 An emergency amendment to extend age of entitlement to additional educational support from 25 to 26 and to define within Government guidance the Covid 19 pandemic as an exceptional circumstance

                                                                                             (Pages 206 - 210)



7.2     P-05-967 Welsh Government to amend its NDR relief policy to help keep Debenhams stores open in Wales

                                                                                             (Pages 211 - 215)



7.3     P-05-970 Ask the Senedd to reconsider their decision not to support Zoos & Aquariums with emergency funding

                                                                                             (Pages 216 - 218)



The following two items will be considered together (7.4 and 7.5):




7.4     P-05-981 Allow gyms and leisure centres to reopen

                                                                                             (Pages 219 - 222)



7.5     P-05-986 Allow small gyms and personal training spaces to open sooner during COVID restrictions

                                                                                             (Pages 223 - 226)



7.6     P-05-979 Adopt the policies of UK government with regard to easing of lockdown rules

                                                                                             (Pages 227 - 231)



7.7     P-05-983 Give grant aid to Bed and Breakfast businesses in Wales that pay council tax and not business rates

                                                                                             (Pages 232 - 233)



7.8     P-05-984 Stop discriminatory remote consultations for incinerator applications during the Covid-19 Pandemic

                                                                                             (Pages 234 - 238)



7.9     P-05-985 Provide key-worker childcare equivalent to what was available prior to the Covid-19 pandemic

                                                                                             (Pages 239 - 247)



7.10P-05-988 Give key worker children equal access to their schools and teachers

                                                                                             (Pages 248 - 254)





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