Agenda - Petitions Committee

Meeting Venue:

Video Conference Via Zoom

Meeting date: 17 July 2020

Meeting time: 09.00
For further information contact:

Graeme Francis - Committee Clerk

Ross Davies – Deputy Clerk

0300 200 6565



In accordance with Standing Order 34.19, the Chair has determined that the public are excluded from the Committee's meeting in order to protect public health. This meeting will be broadcast live on




1       Introduction, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

                                                                                                   (Pages 1 - 47)



2       New COVID-19 Petitions




2.1     P-05-975 Reconsider second home council tax uplift while illegal to travel to second homes

                                                                                                 (Pages 48 - 60)



2.2     P-05-976 Permit weddings of 5 people (registrar/couple/2 witnesses) during COVID 19 in Wales

                                                                                                 (Pages 61 - 67)



2.3     P-05-977 Re-open full general dental services in Wales as has happened in England

                                                                                                 (Pages 68 - 72)



2.4     P-05-978 Allow Zoos and Wildlife attractions to reopen with social distancing in place throughout Wales

                                                                                                           (Page 73)



2.5     P-05-979 Adopt the policies of UK government with regard to easing of lockdown rules

                                                                                                           (Page 74)



2.6     P-05-980 Extend grants immediately to small businesses outside of Small Business Rates Relief in Wales

                                                                                                 (Pages 75 - 77)



The following two items will be considered together (2.7 and 2.8)




2.7     P-05-981 Allow gyms and leisure centres to reopen

                                                                                                 (Pages 78 - 82)



2.8     P-05-986 Allow small gyms and personal training spaces to open sooner during COVID restrictions

                                                                                                 (Pages 83 - 87)



2.9     P-05-982 Re-open outdoor tennis courts and training in line with the rest of the UK and Europe

                                                                                                           (Page 88)



2.10P-05-983 Give grant aid to Bed and Breakfast businesses in Wales that pay council tax and not business rates

                                                                                                 (Pages 89 - 92)



2.11P-05-984 Stop discriminatory remote consultations for incinerator applications during the Covid-19 Pandemic

                                                                                                 (Pages 93 - 98)



2.12P-05-985 Provide key-worker childcare equivalent to what was available prior to the Covid-19 pandemic

                                                                                               (Pages 99 - 107)



2.13P-05-988 Give key worker children equal access to their schools and teachers

                                                                                             (Pages 108 - 117)



2.14P-05-990 Open schools in September. Scrap blended learning

                                                                                             (Pages 118 - 120)



3       Other new petitions




3.1     P-05-954 Petition for a public inquiry by the Welsh Government into the historic child abuse on Caldey Island

                                                                                             (Pages 121 - 143)



4       Updates to previous petitions








4.1     P-05-931 Sun cream in schools

                                                                                                         (Page 144)



4.2     P-05-958 Recent Decisions Regarding AS Grades 2020

                                                                                             (Pages 145 - 149)



4.3     P-05-962 An emergency amendment to extend age of entitlement to additional educational support from 25 to 26 and to define within Government guidance the Covid 19 pandemic as an exceptional circumstance

                                                                                             (Pages 150 - 152)



Health and Social Services




4.4     P-05-906 Save Sam Davies Ward at Barry Hospital

                                                                                             (Pages 153 - 160)



4.5     P-05-914 Equal Access to Health Care for the Disabled

                                                                                             (Pages 161 - 168)



4.6     P-05-926 To Provide a Chronic Fatigue Department in Wales

                                                                                             (Pages 169 - 180)



4.7     P-05-960 Fund the funeral costs of all NHS staff who die from or with Covid-19

                                                                                             (Pages 181 - 184)



4.8     P-05-964 Extend covid-19 financial support and paid leave to vulnerable and pregnant NHS wales bank workers

                                                                                             (Pages 185 - 187)



Economy and Transport




4.9     P-05-934 Public Transport in Blaenau Gwent

                                                                                             (Pages 188 - 192)



4.10P-05-955 Objection to proposal by Costain to implement Option B in the rerouting of the A465 at Brynmawr

                                                                                                         (Page 193)



4.11P-05-968 Pay Coronavirus grants to all businesses eligible for Small Business Rate Relief same as rest of UK

                                                                                             (Pages 194 - 195)



4.12P-05-973 Reopen barbers and hairdressers as long as they have strict social distancing measures in place

                                                                                             (Pages 196 - 197)





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