Minutes - Business Committee

Meeting Venue:

Presiding Officer’s office, 4th floor - Tŷ Hywel

Meeting date: 22 October 2019

Meeting time: 08.30 - 08.46







Committee Members:

Elin Jones AM, Llywydd (Chair)

Rebecca Evans AM

Darren Millar AM

Rhun ap Iorwerth AM

Caroline Jones AM

Committee Staff:

Aled Elwyn Jones (Clerk)

Others in attendance

Ann Jones AM, Deputy Presiding Officer

Siwan Davies, Director of Assembly Business

Siân Wilkins, Head of Chamber and Committee Service

Elin Roberts, Policy Adviser to the Llywydd

Helen Carey, Welsh Government

Reg Kilpatrick, Welsh Government

Lowri Hughes, Chamber Secretariat



1       Introductions, apologies and substitutions



2       Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes for the meeting were agreed by the Committee for publication



3       Organisation of Business



3.10 This Week's Business



·         Voting Time will take place as the last item of business.

The Trefnydd notified Business Managers of the government’s intention to table a motion to suspend Standing Orders to allow a debate on Brexit to take place as the last item of business before Voting Time today. This will replace the ‘Statement by the First Minister: Update on Brexit (45 mins)’ which has been withdrawn pursuant to the motion to suspend Standing Orders being agreed.


The Trefnydd stated her intention to table both the motion to suspend Standing Orders and the motion for debate as soon as possible this morning. Following that, the Llywydd will communicate the deadline for amendments to Business Managers.


The Trefnydd also notified Business Managers of the following changes to this week’s business:


·         Statement by the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism: Priorities for the Visitor Economy 2020-2025 (45 mins)

·         Debate under Standing Order 25.15 on The Government of Wales Act 2006 (Amendment) Order 2019(0 mins) – postponed to 6 November




·         All voting will take place before the Short Debate.



3.2   Three Week Timetable of Government Business

Business Committee noted the 3 Week Timetable of Government Business.



3.3   Three Week Timetable of Assembly Business

Business Committee determined the organisation of Assembly business and agreed to schedule the following items of business:


Wednesday 6 November 2019 –


·         Motion to vary the order of consideration of Stage 3 amendments to the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Bill (5 mins)


Wednesday 20 November 2019 –


·         Debate on a Member’s Legislative Proposal (30 mins)

·         Time allocated to the Welsh Conservatives (60 mins)

·         Time allocated to Plaid Cymru (60 mins)



4       Legislation



4.1   Timetable for the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill

Business Managers agreed in principle to refer the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill to the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee to consider its general principles, and to write to the committee to consult on the proposed timetable.



5       Committees



5.1   Letter from the Chair of Standards Committee

Business Managers agreed the request for the Committee to meet outside their timetabled slot  during the week of 21 October.



6       Plenary



6.1   Proxy Voting

Business Managers considered the paper and agreed to discuss with their groups and return to it at their meeting of 12 November.



6.2   Paper to note - Letter from the Chair of the Remuneration Board

Business Managers noted the letter.



7       AOB

Reg Kilpatrick (Director, Local Government) attended the meeting to give a brief update to Business Managers on the likely requirements on Ministers as part of the Welsh Government’s planned Brexit Preparedness Response activity in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a deal on 31 October.  This included a potential need for flexibility around their availability for scrutiny in Plenary and Committees.





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