Concise Minutes - Committee on Assembly Electoral Reform

Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 4 - Tŷ Hywel

Meeting date: Monday, 20 January 2020

Meeting time: 10.03 - 12.12
This meeting can be viewed
on Senedd TV at:





Assembly Members:

Dawn Bowden AM (Chair)

Huw Irranca-Davies AM

Delyth Jewell AM

David J Rowlands AM


Professor Laura McAllister, Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University

Professor Diana Stirbu, London Metropolitan University

Dr Hannah White, Institute for Government

Rt Hon Dame Dawn Primarolo, Chair of the Remuneration Board

Anna Daniel, Senior Adviser to the Remuneration Board

Committee Staff:

Helen Finlayson (Clerk)

Stephen Aldhouse (Second Clerk)

Gerallt Roberts (Deputy Clerk)

Tom Lewis-White (Researcher)



1       Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

1.1   The Chair welcomed Members to the meeting; there were no apologies.



2       Oral evidence session on the capacity of the Assembly - evidence session with academics

2.1   The Committee heard evidence from the panel.



3       Oral evidence session on the capacity and diversity of the Assembly - evidence session with the Remuneration Board

3.1   The Committee heard evidence from the panel.





4       Motion under Standing Order 17.42(vi) to resolve to exclude the public for the remainder of the meeting

4.1   The motion was agreed.



5       Oral evidence sessions with academics and the Remuneration Board - consideration of the evidence

5.1   The Committee considered the evidence received.

5.2   The Committee agreed to write to the Remuneration Board to seek further information on areas of interest.





6       Diversity of the Assembly: approach to engagement

6.1   The Committee agreed its approach to engagement for its inquiry into the diversity of the Assembly.





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