Concise Minutes - Remuneration Board

Meeting Venue:

Conference Room A - Tŷ Hywel

Meeting date: Thursday, 23 May 2019

Meeting time: 09.18 - 14.31
This meeting can be viewed
on Senedd TV at:






Assembly Members:

Rt Hon Dame Dawn Primarolo (Chair)

Trevor Reaney

Dame Jane Roberts


Committee Staff:

Lleu Williams (Clerk)

Joanna Adams

Anna Daniel

Matthew Richards

Rebecca Hardwicke

Martin Jennings

Craig Stephenson

Ruth Hatton (Deputy Clerk)



1       Chair's introduction

1.1        The Chair welcomed Board members to the meeting.

1.2        The Chair noted apologies from Michael Redhouse and Ronnie Alexander, both had provided comments on papers ahead of the meeting.

1.3        The Chair welcomed Ruth Hatton to her first meeting, as Deputy Clerk.

1.4        The Board agreed the minutes of 21 March 2019 meeting subject to a small change.

1.5        The Board noted the update on the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Bill currently at Stage 1 in the Assembly.

1.6        The Board agreed proposed changes to the Disciplinary and Grievance procedure following consultation with Members and support staff. The Board agreed to implement the procedures as soon as possible.

1.7        The Board noted the update on the procurement of personal safety alarms for Members and agreed to consider a further update at the next meeting flowing the completion of the procurement process.

1.8        The Board agreed for the secretariat to continue to remind Independent Members and support staff of the ways in which they can engage with and feed views to the Board.

1.9        The Board noted an update in relation to the renewal of Employment Practices insurance. The Board agreed to receive a further update at the next meeting following discussions with the Assembly Commission.

1.10     The Board noted changes within political Groups in the Assembly over recent weeks and agreed to monitor changes that may have an impact on the Party Political Support Allowance.



2       Item for decision: Pension Scheme Rules review

2.1        The Board considered recent legal advice regarding potential age discrimination implications arising from a number of provisions in the Assembly Member Pension Scheme.

2.2        As the Board is responsible for setting the rules of the Scheme, it agreed to undertake some changes to the rules ensure that they remained fit for purpose.

2.3        The Board also agreed to share its proposals with the Pension Board ahead of consulting with stakeholders on these changes later in the summer.



3       Item for discussion: Six-month review of the flexibility of the allowances

3.1        The Board considered a six month review of the flexibility of staffing allowances following the implementation of changes that included removing the 111 hour cap on the employment of permanently employed staff, budgeting salary costs at actual costs and changes to the viring options available to Members.

3.2        The Board agreed to conduct a further review in November and January to allow the changes to have more time take effect. If any change is required as a result of these future considerations, then the Board agreed to undertake further consultation. 



4       Item for discussion: Determination for the Sixth Assembly: Second consideration of issues arising under part two

4.1     The Board undertook its second consideration of the issues which fall under part two of the review regarding the support provided to both Members and Political Parties, chapters 7 and 8 of the Determination.

4.2     The Board agreed to return to these issues at its next meeting



5       Item for discussion: Determination for the Sixth Assembly: First consideration of part three

5.1 The Board undertook it first consideration of the issues which fall under part three of the review focusing on salaries of Members and office holders leaving office and additional support.

5.2 The Board agreed to return to these issues at its next meeting.



6       Item for decision: Draft report on review of staffing support for Members

6.1 The Board considered and agreed its draft report on the review of staffing support for Members, subject to minor changes.

6.2 The Board agreed to publish the report shortly.





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