Agenda - Plenary

Meeting Venue:

Y Siambr - Senedd

Meeting date:
Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Meeting time: 13.30




1       Questions to the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs

(45 mins)                                                                                                         

The Presiding Officer will call party spokespeople to ask questions without notice after Question 2.

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2       Questions to the Minister for Housing and Local Government

(45 mins)                                                                                                         

The Presiding Officer has received notification, under Standing Order 12.58, that the Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government will answer questions on behalf of the Minister.


The Presiding Officer will call party spokespeople to ask questions without notice after Question 2.

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3       Topical Questions

(20 mins)                                                                                                         

To ask the Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport

Rhun ap Iorwerth (Ynys Môn): Will the Minister make a statement on the effect of Honda’s decision to close its factory in Swindon on the supply chain in Wales?



4       90 Second Statements

(5 mins)                                                                                                           



Motion to elect a Member to a committee (5 mins)

NDM6977 Elin Jones (Ceredigion)

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales, in accordance with Standing Order 17.14, elects Dai Lloyd (Plaid Cymru) as a Member of the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee in place of Helen Mary Jones (Plaid Cymru).



5       Debate on the 'Wales' future relationship with the Committee of the Regions' report

(30 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM6942 Mick Antoniw (Pontypridd)

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:

1. Notes the report and recommendations relating to Wales’ future relationship with the Committee of the Regions.

2. Recognises the importance of a continued relationship between Wales and the Committee of the Regions.

3. Calls on the Welsh Government to support the establishment of a Joint Commission between the Committee of the Regions and the United Kingdom to ensure continuing dialogue and collaboration between the Committee of the Regions and the Assembly and Welsh local authorities after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Mick Antoniw AM and Bethan Sayed AM, ‘Wales’ future relationship with the Committee of the Regions’ - copy placed in the Members’ Library on 18 January 2019.

Bethan Sayed (South Wales West)

Supporting Document
Wales' future relationship with Europe: Committee of the Regions Report  



6       Debate on the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee report: Everybody's Business: A Report on Suicide Prevention in Wales

(60 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM6974 Dai Lloyd (South Wales West)

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:

Notes the report of the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee, Everybody’s Business: A Report on Suicide Prevention in Wales, which was laid in the Table Office on 5 December 2018.

Note: The response from the Minister for Health and Social Services to the report was laid in the Table Office on 30 January 2019.

Supporting Document
Letter from the Llywydd with regards to Suicide Prevention in Wales - 7 February 2018  


In accordance with Standing Order 12.23 (iii), the amendments tabled to this motion have not been selected.



7       Member Debate under Standing Order 11.21(iv) - Active Travel

(60 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM6947 Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore)

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:

1. Notes that:

a) young people in Wales have some of the lowest levels of physical activity in the United Kingdom, contributing to rising levels of obesity and associated health issues such as diabetes 2;

b) several communities in Wales suffer from illegally high levels of air polution, with one community experiencing the worst air quality outside London;

c) congestion on the roads is estimated to cost the Welsh economy £2bn every year;

d) targets for carbon emissions from transport in Wales have consistently not been met;

e) levels of walking and cycling in Wales are in decline, with falling levels of active travel to school being a particular concern; and

f) each of these issues could be ameliorated if the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 was effectively implemented.

2. Calls on the Welsh Government to refresh its ambition for active travel in Wales by producing a comprehensive active travel strategy including ambitious targets and a detailed plan for long term investment in active travel infrastructure.

Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013

Dai Lloyd (South Wales West)
Russell George (Montgomeryshire)
Jenny Rathbone (Cardiff Central)
John Griffiths (Newport East)
Neil McEvoy (South Wales Central)
Vikki Howells (Cynon Valley)



8       Welsh Conservatives Debate - School Funding

(60 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM6975 Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:

1. Notes the current 'school services' indicator based assessment (IBA) formula which calculates how much funding each local authority notionally needs to spend on its schools.

2. Recognises:

a) the lack of transparency in the IBA formula and subsequent local authority school funding decisions; and

b) the public confusion surrounding how schools are individually funded via local authorities, regional consortia and specific Welsh Government grants.

3.  Calls on the Welsh Government to develop a comprehensible means of evaluating and communicating the effectiveness of all streams of school funding, in particular;

a) their impact on the attainment and other outcomes for learners;

b) staff support and development;

c) school standards; and

d) delivery against the objectives of wider Welsh Government policy.

The following amendment was tabled:

Amendment 1 - Rebecca Evans (Gower)

Delete all and replace with:

1. Notes that the current 'school services' Indicator Based Assessment (IBA) formulae model the authorities’ relative need to spend on school services, given the funding available and making assumptions around council tax and prioritisation of spending.

2. Welcomes the recently published ‘Funding for schools’ guide that clarifies arrangements for funding schools

3. Recognises that all Welsh Government funding and policy guidance to local authorities, education consortia and schools support delivery in line with the ‘Our National Mission’ action plan to raise standards, reduce the attainment gap, and deliver an education system that enjoys public confidence.

Funding for Schools guide

Our National Mission



9       Voting Time     



10    Short Debate

(30 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM6973 Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

Housing our Heroes: Are we meeting the housing needs of our veterans?



The Assembly will sit again in Plenary at 13.30, Tuesday, 5 March 2019



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