Concise Minutes - Finance Committee

Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 2 - Senedd

Meeting date: Thursday, 7 December 2017

Meeting time: 09.32 - 11.00
This meeting can be viewed
on Senedd TV at:





Assembly Members:

Simon Thomas AM (Chair)

Neil Hamilton AM

Mike Hedges AM

Jane Hutt AM

Nick Ramsay AM

David Rees AM


Vaughan Gething AM, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services

Tracey Breheny, Welsh Government

Janine Hale, Welsh Government

Committee Staff:

Catherine Hunt (Second Clerk)

Leanne Hatcher (Second Clerk)

Georgina Owen (Deputy Clerk)

Owen Holzinger (Researcher)

Gareth David Thomas (Researcher)

Ben Harris (Legal Adviser)



1       Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

1.1 The Chair welcomed Members to the meeting.

1.2 Apologies were received from Steffan Lewis AM.



2       Paper(s) to note

2.1 The papers were noted.



2.1   Letter from the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee - Welsh Government Draft Budget 2017-18 - Welsh Government Supporting People Programme - 24 November 2017



2.2   Auditor General for Wales Fee Scheme 2018-19

2.2 The Committee approved the Auditor General for Wales Fee Scheme 2018-19, in accordance with section 24(7) of the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2013.



3       Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Bill: Evidence session

3.1 The Committee took evidence from Vaughan Gething AM, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services; Tracey Breheny, Deputy Director Substance Misuse Policy, Government & Corporate Business; and Janine Hale, Principal Research Officer (Health Economics) on the financial implications of the Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Bill.

3.2 The Cabinet Secretary agreed to:

·         provide information on the peer review conducted on the data sources used in the Sheffield University modelling;

·         provide more information on the funding allocated to raise awareness of the minimum unit price;

·         report back to the Committee following the meeting between Welsh Government and Home Office officials, particularly in relation to any impact on the fiscal framework; and

·         report back to the Committee on discussions with the Welsh Retail Consortium regarding a possible voluntary levy.



4       Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the remainder of the meeting and the start of the meeting on 13 December 2017

4.1 The motion was agreed.



5       Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Bill: Consideration of evidence

5.1 The Committee considered the evidence received.



6       Remuneration Board's Determinations Underspend - Scoping paper

6.1 The Committee agreed its approach to its inquiry on the Remuneration Board’s Determination Underspend.