Agenda - Petitions Committee

Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 1 - Senedd

Meeting date: 14 February 2017

Meeting time: 09.00
For further information contact:

Graeme Francis – Committee Clerk

Kath Thomas - Deputy Clerk

0300 200 6565


1       Introduction, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

                                                                                                   (Pages 1 - 50)



2       New petitions




2.1        P-05-734 Ban Letting Agent Fees to Tenants

                                                                                               (Pages 51 - 59)



2.2        P-05-735 Make the foundation phase more effective for our children, provide more teachers and abolish yr 2 Sats.

                                                                                               (Pages 60 - 71)



2.3        P-05-736 To Make Mental Health Services More Accessible

                                                                                               (Pages 72 - 79)



2.4        P-05-737 Save Our Bus

                                                                                               (Pages 80 - 84)



2.5        P-05-739 Save TWF Services

                                                                                               (Pages 85 - 90)



2.6        P-05-740 Petition to Protect our High Street

                                                                                             (Pages 91 - 101)



2.7        P-05-741 Natural Resources Wales (Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru) Needs Tighter Restriction

                                                                                           (Pages 102 - 112)



3       Updates to previous petitions




Economy and Infrastructure




3.1        P-04-539 Save Cardiff Coal Exchange

                                                                                           (Pages 113 - 115)



3.2        P-04-594 Cilmeri Community Council Appeal for The Prince Llywelyn Monument

                                                                                           (Pages 116 - 118)



3.3        P-05-709 The Circuit of Wales

                                                                                           (Pages 119 - 122)



3.4        P-05-714 Include a Mynachdy and Talybont Station as Part of the Cardiff Metro Proposal

                                                                                           (Pages 123 - 124)



3.5        P-05-731 Land & Access Lane Sale at Abercwmboi

                                                                                           (Pages 125 - 129)



Communities and Children




3.6        P-04-519 Abolition of Park Homes Sales Commission

                                                                                           (Pages 130 - 134)



3.7        P-04-597 Protect the future of Funky Dragon, the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales

                                                                                           (Pages 135 - 136)



3.8        P-04-662 It is Hard to Conceive What Life Would Have Become Without my Support Worker

                                                                                                       (Page 137)







3.9        P-04-490 Antiretroviral Medication in Cardiff

                                                                                                       (Page 138)



3.10     P-04-564 Restoration of Inpatient Beds, Minor Injuries Cover and X-Ray Unit to the Ffestiniog Memorial Hospital

                                                                                           (Pages 139 - 173)



3.11     P-04-682 Routine Screening for Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young People

                                                                                           (Pages 174 - 187)



Environment and Rural Affairs




3.12     P-05-713 The Wildlife Warriors

                                                                                           (Pages 188 - 191)



3.13     P-05-717 Establish Statutory Public Rights of Access to Land and Water for Recreational and Other Purposes

                                                                                           (Pages 192 - 200)



Welsh Language




3.14     P-04-499 Kick Start The Welsh Language Curriculum

                                                                                                       (Page 201)



3.15     P-05-724 Rights to Primary Health Care in Welsh

                                                                                           (Pages 202 - 221)



Finance and Local Government




3.16     P-05-726 Give Rate Relief to Local Authorities for Leisure and Cultural Facilities

                                                                                           (Pages 222 - 225)







3.17     P-05-727 Funding for the Education Workforce Council Registration (EWC) Fee for Learning Support Workers in Schools

                                                                                           (Pages 226 - 233)



4       Motion under Standing Order 17.42(ix) to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the remainder of the meeting




5       Forward work planning




6       P-05-710 Ensure Disabled People can Access Public Transport As and When They Need it - Discussion of the Evidence Session

                                                                                                         (Page 234)