Agenda - Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister

Meeting Venue:

National Waterfront Museum, Swansea

Meeting date: 16 October 2015

Meeting time: 10.30
For further information contact:

Steve George

Committee Clerk

0300 200 6565



Private Pre-meeting (10.20 - 10.30)




1       Introductions, Apologies and Substitutions




2       Ministerial Scrutiny Session (10.30-12.25)      (Pages 1 - 14)



2.1 The Promotion and Marketing of Wales 



2.2 Constitutional Developments


Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

Manon Antoniazzi, Director Tourism, Heritage and Sport

Des Clifford, Director of the Office of the First Minister

Hugh Rawlings, Director, Constitutional Affairs




3       Papers to Note (12.25-12.30)    (Pages 15 - 50)

CSFM(4)02-15(ptn1) - The Welsh Government Annual Update in Response to Recommendations from the Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister: The Welsh Government’s Relationship with the Third Sector and the Private Sector.  


CSFM(4)02-15(ptn2) - Letter from the First Minister to the Chair – Follow up from the meeting on 13 March 2015 (the Welsh Government’s role in protecting and enhancing the Welsh language and the process for, and scrutiny of, major public appointments in Wales).




4       Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:

Item 5




5         Discussion of Evidence from Preceding Session (12.30-12.40)