Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister


Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 1 - Senedd




Meeting date:

Friday, 13 March 2015




Meeting time:

09.30 - 11.30




This meeting can be viewed on Senedd TV at:



Concise Minutes:





Assembly Members:


David Melding AM (Chair)

Jocelyn Davies AM

Paul Davies AM

Lynne Neagle AM (In place of Ann Jones AM)

Eluned Parrott AM








Carwyn Jones AM, The First Minister

Bethan Webb, Welsh Government

Peter Kennedy, Welsh Government






Committee Staff:


Steve George (Clerk)

Kath Thomas (Deputy Clerk)

Gwyn Griffiths (Legal Adviser)

Graham Winter (Researcher)





1    Introductions, Apologies and Substitutions

1.1     The Chair welcomed Members, witnesses and members of the public.

1.2     Apologies were received from Ann Jones. Lynne Neagle substituted for her.




2    Ministerial Scrutiny Session  (09:30 - 11:20)

2.1 The Committee scrutinised the First Minister on the Welsh Government’s role in protecting and enhancing the Welsh language and on the process for, and scrutiny of, public appointments.


2.2 The Chair put a number of questions to the First Minister relating to the Welsh language, received from members of the public via social media.






3    Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:

4.1 The Committee agreed the Motion under Standing Order 17.42 and resolved to exclude the public from the meeting for Agenda Item 4.




4    Discussion of Evidence from the Preceding Session (11:20 - 11:30)

5.1 The Committee discussed the evidence received during the earlier scrutiny session and agreed to write to the First Minister, setting out a number of observations and recommendations.