Meeting date:
Wednesday, 3 December 2014


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1 Questions to the Minister for Health and Social Services (45 mins)

The Presiding Officer will call Party Spokespeople to ask questions without notice to the Minister after Question 2.


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2 Questions to the Counsel General (0 mins)


No Questions Tabled




3 Questions to the Assembly Commission (0 mins)


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4 Statement by Kirsty Williams: Introduction of a Member proposed Bill - Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Bill (30 mins)


Supporting Documents


Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Bill

Explanatory Memorandum




5 Debate by Individual Members under Standing Order 11.21(iv) (60 mins)



Mike Hedges (Swansea East)

Jocelyn Davies (South Wales East)

Peter Black (South Wales West)


To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:


Believes that policing (excluding the UK National Crime Agency and national security) should be devolved.




6 Debate on the Enterprise and Business Committee's Report on the Welsh Government's approach to the promotion of trade and inward investment (60 mins)

NDM5644 William Graham (South Wales East)


The National Assembly for Wales:


Notes the report of the Enterprise and Business Committee on its Inquiry into The Welsh Government's Approach to the Promotion of Trade and Inward Investment, which was laid in the Table Office on 10 October 2014.


Supporting Documents


Enterprise and Business Committee's Report

Welsh Government’s Response




7 Plaid Cymru Debate (60 mins)

NDM5643 Elin Jones (Ceredigion)


To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:


1. Recognises the importance of increasing trade between Wales and the United States of America;


2. Believes that public services, including the National Health Service, should be exempt from the effects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP);


3. Believes that the TTIP must not be allowed to prevent democratic governments from organising any other services on a publicly owned basis;


4. Opposes the inclusion of the investor-state dispute settlement in the agreement;


5. Calls on the Welsh Government to make representations to the UK Government to:


a) exempt public services, including the National Health Service, from the TTIP; and


b) reject TTIP if the final agreement, when presented for ratification, undermines the decision-making powers of democratic governments.


The following amendments have been tabled:


Amendment 1 - Paul Davies (Preseli Pembrokeshire)


Delete all and replace with:


1. Recognises the importance of international trade and commerce agreements, such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), in creating a better economic future for the people of Wales;


2. Believes that governments should be conscious of the importance of national institutions, such as the NHS, when agreeing the TTIP; and


3. Notes the precedent of existing trade partnerships which have included safeguards excluding key public services from such agreements.


[If amendment 1 is agreed, amendment 2 will be de-selected]


Amendment 2 - Aled Roberts (North Wales)


Delete points 2 to 5 and replace with:


2. Welcomes trade and investment negotiations between the EU and the USA which could be worth up to £10 billion extra to the UK economy each year;


3. Welcomes the European Commissioner for Trade Karel de Gucht's comments to the International Business Times, who stated: "There will be an exemption for public services [in the TTIP], we've made that very clear in our discussions with the US. That would cover the NHS…";


4. Welcomes that the investor-state dispute settlement will not apply to public security, safety or health legislation of member states; and


5. Welcomes that the European Commission suspended the investor-state dispute settlement aspect of the treaty negotiations for further consultation.


The International Business Times article can be accessed through the following link:




8 Voting Time 




9 Short Debate (30 mins)

NDM5642 William Graham (South Wales East)


Wales takes the chequered flag – an appraisal of the Circuit of Wales.




The Assembly will sit again in Plenary at 13.30, Tuesday, 9 December 2014