Votes and Proceedings - Plenary - Fourth Assembly

Meeting Venue:

Y Siambr - Y Senedd

Meeting date:
Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Meeting time: 13.30
This meeting can be viewed
on Senedd TV at:



1       Questions to the First Minister

The item started at 13.30

The first x questions were asked. Question x and x were grouped together for answer.  Question x was withdrawn. The Deputy Presiding Officer invited party leaders to ask questions to the First Minister after Question 2.



2       Questions to the Minister for Culture and Sport



3       Business Statement and Announcement



Motion to elect a Member to a Committee

The item started at 15.10

NDM5314 Rosemary Butler (Newport West)

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales, in accordance with Standing Order 17.3, elects Simon Thomas (Plaid Cymru)  as a member of the Finance Committee.

The motion was agreed in accordance with Standing Order 12.36.




4       Statement by the Minister for Health and Social Services: Introduction of the National Health Service Finance (Wales) Bill



5       Statement by the Minister for Education and Skills: The Review of the Future Delivery of Education Services in Wales: Regional Working



6       Statement by the the Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology: Launch of the Youth Engagement and Progression Implementation Plan



7       Statement by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport: Update on Business Rates Policy



8       Legislative Consent Memorandum on the Intellectual Property Bill



9       Stage 3 Standing Order 26.44 debate on the Active Travel (Wales) Bill



10    Stage 4 Standing Order 26.47 motion to approve the Active Travel (Wales) Bill



Voting Time

There was no voting time.



Votes Summary



The meeting concluded at 19.08

The Assembly will sit again in Plenary at 13.30, Wednesday, 2 October 2013